The Donors

JB Remettee 213

JB Remettee 213 (click for more information)

MC 4R Miss Victory 1104

MC 4R Miss Victory 1104 (click for more information)

STAR 115N Polly Beth 35T ET

STAR 115N POLLY BETH 35T ET {DLF,IEF} (P42780238) We showed Polly Beth with much success as a heifer.  In our 2010 sale, Polly Beth's heifer, DJF 2913 35T Lindiloo 0035 ET, was the high seller.  If you are looking for embryos to grow into show calves, this is the cow for you.  Embryos are available.

STAR NK Grace 513T ET

STAR NK GRACE 513T ET {DLF,HYF,IEF} (P42856116)  Out of the great Online bull and Star Lake's Glitter cow, Grace is the mother of our herd sire Victorino, who is her first natural calf.  What a way to begin her career as a mother and donor!   Grace spent her early years on the show road, winning Supreme at the 2009 Pennsylvania Beef Expo.  This cow is very maternal and that translates in all she produces. Embryos are available.

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