Who is Deana Jak?

Well…it is an acronym. Each letter stands for the first letter of our names.  The “Deana” represents all the boys: Doug, Ethan, Austin, Nigel and Andre. The “Jak” represents all the girls:  Jenny, Aleesha and Kaia. Since we are all involved in the farm, it was important that all were included in the many facets of this business.

Doug and Jenny Howe (mom and dad) are busy as always! There are always new projects happening and brain storming what they will get into next! We are fortunate to have people like them to look up to! They are the reason we are able to do all that we do. They have always been so supportive of our passion to show and raise cattle. We are really lucky!  The entire family takes part in all the “happenings” at the farm! Andre and Ethan, manage the farm. From feeding, breeding and calving, they do it all and do it well! They take great pride in what is produced and they pay close attention to the direction of the breed and industry. Austin doesn’t live on the farm anymore, he moved east and is working construction with dad and Nigel. He is married to Kelsey Diehl, they have a son, Dawson (5) and a daughter, Jentri (2). Andre is married to Katrina Frey. They have three children, Harper (8), Bristol (6)  and Preston (4). Andre and his family are huge assets to the farm. We are glad to have them there! All the “littles” sure enjoy the farm! Aleesha (me) owns her own photography business. If you need some footnotes, a picture taken, I’m the girl for the job! Nigel works construction with dad also, but is our “go to” when we need all hands on deck at the farm and he is always a happy, helping hand! Nigel married Libby Kelkenburg in June 2022. (See photo above) Ethan is a huge part of the farm; and is definitely our “front man”, he enjoys the cow work, breeding decisions and the show barn, but is always ready to take one to a show! Ethan married Shelby Manning in June of 2023 and are expecting their first baby in April 2024. The family is expanding!  Last but not least, Kaia, the “baby” of 6, is always willing to help with whatever she can do! Kaia is the one we are calling for “Kaia! Can you help me?” She enjoys the background things, like entering cattle for shows or naming calves! She also manages our goat herd.

2022 marked our first full year utilizing our new calving facility.

Our facility is also used as a satellite location for Boviteq Innovative IVF Solutions.

Our Farm at a Glance

Needless to say we are all about family and everyone doing their part! We are extremely proud of what we have done thus far; not just at the farm or in the show ring but the fact that we simply started out with just one Hereford cow.

If ever you are in the Bedford area, please stop in for a visit.  We would love to see you!